What Do We Offer?

So what's it all about, this Meno-Lates?

Meno-lates sessions are all about YOU.

These sessions are open to all ladies; even if you've NEVER                                                                             done Pilates before or NEVER stepped into a studio. 

It doesn't matter one teeny iota. 

What matters is that you want to help yourself through this

rocky time of life and come out the other side relatively

unscathed and embracing your wonderful body.

90 minutes, once a month, for you to unwind, destress,  work                                                                     on strengthening your body, your bones and your mind....                                                                          and have fun doing so!

  • Each monthly session is lead by myself  (Sarah Pillage)  -  fully-qualified academically and physically  (I'm there myself, ladies!

  • We all know how isolating this time of life is​ so this is your chance to chat and share - to know that you're not alone 

  • At each session, you will be given printed advice and guidance from experts in various aspects of women's health that will build up to a comprehensive guide to all things peri- and menopausal to help you through this period (pardon the pun) of your life. 

  • Gentle exercise - bone-strengthening Pilates, balance, flexibility, core strength; low-impact moves designed to promote the increase in bone density and strength in order to prevent/delay the onset of osteoporosis and other conditions associated with the menopause.  

  • 15-20 mins of Mindfulness/Relaxation  - time to stop your mind from running overtime


  • Coffee & Cake (there should ALWAYS time for coffee and cake/biscuits, shouldn't there?) 

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