the following symptoms are the first signs that you might be in perimenopause:

  • Increased feelings of anxiety and low confidence - even panic attacks out of the blue

  • Increased feelings of irritation (or rage!)

  • Monthly period patterns changing - sometimes skipping, sometimes very heavy

  • Tender breasts - they can be very painful, for example, when you take off your bra at night

  • Intermittent hot flushes and night sweats - often if you've been out and consumed alcohol

  • Vaginal dryness - painful sex and low libido

  • Urinary leakage (when you cough, sneeze or run - no trampolining!) and increased urgency

  • Fatigue and trouble sleeping - either problems dropping off or you wake during the night at 3am, 4am ... Insomnia


Most women nearing menopause will have hot flushes, sudden feelings of warmth that spread over the upper body, often with blushing and sweating.

These flushes can range from mild in most women to severe in others.

Other symptoms include: