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Meno-lates is brought to you by The Pilates Centre, Coventry's multi-award winning Pilates studio

Sarah Pillage
Studio Owner &
Chief Instructor
The Pilates Centre
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A message from our Chief Instructor....

Like you I am also on a journey and transitioning through the phases of menopause.  Many of the clients that come along to my studios are also at the start,middle and end of menopause.  We all have very similar questions in common….and the common feeling is that there is no one to talk to at this important juncture of life!  Doctors prescribe medications and are not really listening – sometimes we just need a kind word or some guidance from shared experiences. 


Let’s face it women like you and me are real life experts on what is happening with our bodies.  

In our group Pilates sessions, we have our famous “pigs in blankets” sessions.  This is an opportunity to focus on you and have a relaxing and mind cleansing session while I guide you through a relaxation session.

Pilates is proven to help strengthen and lengthen those aching muscles and joints and is also good for the soul.


If we combined our relaxation sessions with Pilates and some informal conversation about this journey, we are all destined to join at some point Meno-lates is born – what’s not to love!